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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Visual vs. Auditory Writers, Inspiration

My mentor can't listen to music when she writes because mostly she listens to dialogues and descriptions. I've heard Catie Murphy tell the story that one descriptive passage took her hours to create because she is not a "visual" writer.

For me, as with most, a film can unroll in my minds eye. In my very early days as a writer I had a beginning critique buddy, just like me. We looked at each other's work before we took it to critique group. She complained about not knowing where a scene went, I asked if she could see it and she said yes, and I said just follow the roll of the film. She said the movie stopped...I'm not sure what we went on to talk about after that, probably what should happen next in the scene...but it was her scene and I can still see a man and a woman in the moonlight, sitting in a hot tub...

Anyway, at the best of times, I get a sentence in my head to start the scene so I don't have the blank page. Such as "Mid-morning bell, a very quiet Vinni arrived, carrying a picnic basket."

Now, I know that this is in Signet's POV. I know she opens the door. She/I can see Vinni, more, she/I see MORE than just Vinni that won't be in the story. The door to the house is open and beyond is the gliderway and the front yard and large trees which have just unfurled their full, new leaves, a mass of green with the sun bright behind them. To the right are the flowers and bushes of the garden. Spring is finally here...I'm not going to explain this in the book, but I see it.

Signet's going to study Vinni and note the changes since she'd seen him before, then Vinni will open his mouth and say the first line of dialogue and the scene will take off from there.

That's how it's supposed to work, so why don't I try it and see instead of hang around here? ;)

May you enjoy all the inspiration that comes to you.

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