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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pantzer 8-8A through 9B-bit

I've been writing more or less chronologically, but haven't been putting the scenes together in chapters or courier new. So now that I'm pondering going through all of day 3 or 4 (losing track here, too), I figured it was time to sew them together.

This always takes time, usually a day or so, and I usually get little "wordcount" out of it, so I put it off until it really needs to be done. So. I have 8 working, and 8A through 8F-Revised 2. And 9A and 9B-bit.

Probably at least 2 or three chapters.

At a conference I heard another writer say that when authors got together they always talked about two things: the writing process (which is unique to each one of us, and maybe unique to each story) and the publishing business. ;)

May the process of your life be satisfactory today.


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