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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Printers, Dreams, and Meanding Plots

I think one of the first entries on this blog was about my printer. A Brother *shudder* I will never buy another Brother ANYTHING.

I am happy with the printers I have now, HPs, EXCEPT the effing yoyo who spent time on the phone with me really screwed them up royally.

And, I was told, that HP products aren't set to work with wordperfect.


So there will have to be a Great Unearthing of the office to find and re-install the software.

I also think the hp stuff (like Update Now!), hangs my system when starting.

So, I suppose I am grumpy today. I had a dream this am that I boarded a bus (haven't commuted for a while), and all this STUFF, I'd left a while back was on the seat, so I scrambled to get it together. 3 umbrellas...a briefcase in the precise shade of green I loathe, forty-five bucks (in the denomination of a forty-dollar bill and a five)...I guess the subconscious is not liking the writing out of order. I had anticipated "two weeks later" but I've just set sex up for the afternoon, so it looks like I may be hanging around day 3 forever, too.

Or maybe I don't know what I am doing with this book, and can it possibly be interesting? Well, there's a lot of interaction. Not much angsting about what would keep our lovers apart (he has the problem and don't think of it much). Not a whole lot of action. Sigh.

Better follow my own advice to just write it and shake it out later...

I haven't gotten my wordcount done for the day, but I have made the (lower) wordcount for the week. So that pleases me.

May you know what you're doing today.


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