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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Ladies -- First POV in a Novel

In a comment a while back, I spoke about why I chose (or they chose me) to open with the men's POV in the Heart Books.

Now the women:

Heart Duel: Lark Hawthorn Collinson, she was a Dr. awakened by a STAT, which is a hook, and her life would change the most. I did originally open with Holm talking to his parents, but that isn't as dynamic a scene as life and death and First Meet.

Heart Dance: Dufleur Thyme. Once I got the line "This experiment with time was not going at all well," I couldn't let it go and wanted it as a hook. She's the one most against change.

Heart Fate: Lahsin Burdock D'Yew (man, the spell checker is hating this). Both Lahsin and Tinne have very intense scenes (warning, and Tinne suffers through several chapters, things just keep getting worse...). I'm not sure why I chose Lahsin except the scene came to me and it IS more uplifting. Like I said, Tinne's fate just plain deteriorates.

Heart Change (current title) -- Signet D'Marigold. I may change this because she is depressed and it isn't good to start with a depressed heroine (at least she isn't suicidal anymore -- that really is bad). But the scene with Cratag is, again, a talking scene, so it's not very hook-like.

Heart Journey (current title) -- Helen(a) D'Elcampane, She has the most going on in her life, is changing it by looking for her HeartMate.

That's it, may genders not confuse you today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a female reader I like better the book to start with a man.. and both Catrag an the Actor sound very interesting. A depressed and victimized female is not so appealing to me! Too much like real life.
I found the introduction of both these men in Heart Fate(I wrote Heart Fame first I do not know why) - and Catrag even before - very attractive; the Actor sounds like fun and a real handful for any unsuspecting female.
Looking forward to read their stories. Thanks.

12:12 PM  
Blogger Janice said...

I usually like to start from the males POV too, but in my last two WIP I found that writing in the first person seemed better.

I think it depends on what the story calls for.

It was good seeing you over at the Divas forums for the workshop.


12:58 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...


Anon, I have worked on changing D'Marigold to make her less depressed. The critique group seems to believe that has been done (avoiding "work", "work" seems to be my overused word of the book). So I feel better about it.

Janice, you're right, it depends on the story.

11:50 AM  

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