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Friday, September 26, 2008

Research Trip

I went up in the mountains today to do some photos with the new camera of the towns of Idaho Springs and Georgetown which are Steep Springs in Heart Journey. The story starts in Summer but I anticipate it ending in the fall. July-September.

It rained and Georgetown was packed with people to look at the golden aspen. I DO have photos, and figured out how to basically use the camera, BUT I haven't loaded the software yet.

I'm leary about putting that on my desktop, mainly because it still takes about 20 minutes to boot and wordperfect to be available to use. It does not need one more program jockeying for priority upon start up. So maybe tonight.

Major sleet at the top of Guanella Pass...I'd like more sunshine pics so I may go up next week, too. I didn't get photos of Idaho Springs, either. I got a priceless pic, though, that I can use on my website when Heart Journey (current title) comes out.

Exhausted but will be making boxed garlic cheddar potatoes to go with my excellent roast beef (made by the supermarket).

May you enjoy any sort of activity you do in the name of research...


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