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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What You Need To Know and What Your Readers Need To Know Are Two Different Things

I haven't totalled my wordcount for yesterday. I did some new pages near the third %$#%@^%$ turning point, my sometime nemesis, and think that's going to be the last part I write because it needs more THINKING about.

Yes, the book is probably going to be around 700 pages, and most of that is already done. I think the set up is too slow, and that I can cut some from the beginning, particularly scenes of Jikata learning from the Singer. I added a few for balance so I could go back and forth between Jikata and Raine, but maybe a large chunk of only Raine is ok. Or will have to be ok since the book needs to be cut.

Much of Raine's stuff is "how magical ships are built and powered" so some of that might be able to be cut, too. Much has interaction with Faucon, so that needs to stay for their relationship to develop.

Most of the time your readers don't need to know exactly how all things work, but YOU need to know. This applies to authors of everything. You have to write about it with conviction. Especially if it's worldbuilding. You need to understand all the pieces, even if you show only a small amount.

That's it for today, I have to go back to the battle and kill more people. Sorry.

May you enjoy your life today.


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