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Monday, June 23, 2008

Setting – Out of Sequence Writing

In many of the changes I did while putting the book together I had to change the setting because I thought the characters would be at one place when they ended up at another. I have saved these "original" scenes to put up on the website when Echoes In The Dark comes out.

For instance there was a scene between Jikata and Luthan that I really liked set in the Marshalls' Dining room in the Marshalls' Castle. Jikata never made it to the Castle.

Then there was one where I thought it would take place in a tavern (originally the Nom de Nom in Castleton), then it went to the village tavern near Faucon's northern manor, Creusse Landing. As revised, it takes place on a beach.

One scene made no less than three changes – the Circlets apartment in the Marshalls' Castle, to the lounge aboard the invasion Ship, to the common room on the third floor of Creusse Landing.

Some of the language in the first scene was so good, I may use it again. Loved some of the emotional resonance matching the senses and choreography that I put in there...but...so it goes.

Then there's the choreography. First Jikata is sitting at a table, then she's at a couch, finally a loveseat, Luthan walks in and he sits, no, he stands....but on the whole I am happy with the scenes and the book.

I wish I'd had a bit longer to work on it though.

May you have all the time you need.


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