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Monday, June 16, 2008

Straight of Doom


Morning session is done and I couldn't quite settle on one scene so I did one and bits of two more. One is sailing up to the Straight of Doom.

When I looked at the map of Amee I'd done before and considered the length of the trip and that I wanted to sail to the Dark's Nest, I figured that I'd better not make them sail around another whole continent, or somehow port a massive ship over a couple of large pieces of land. ABOVE

So I modified the map, and in doing so, I decided to make a narrow straight between the continents.

I had actually considered having Amee, the sentient planet, do an earthquake at the beginning of Echoes in the Dark, then decided that was Too Much. I don't think I ever mentioned the particular piece of land in detail, so I don't have to say..."Oh, the maps are wrong, or the Dark must have evilly influenced the cartographers."

So, instead I used some previous history. There were Marshall Guardians who originally put up the fenceposts to keep out the invading monsters. At this time, seeing her Lladranan warriors begin to fight the Dark, Amee caused an earthquake so there would be access to the Dark. Of course in planetary history terms, it's been an eyeblink since then, but, really, even a few seconds of Dark gnawing on you as a leech is Too Much.

So morning session is done. I've pretty much decided that all I will do the next couple of weeks is work on the book, eat and sleep, and tend the catsitting I must do. PM session will be catsitting, probably looking over printed pages. But if I keep my energy up with naps, then I might be able to work around the clock...not a great schedule, but one that may make me feel like I'm progressing.

May your schedules be smooth and easy today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I wonder what would happen to the surrounding sea shores if a massive earthquake hit and then a BIG trench appeared creating the passage between the two bodies of water? Massive tidle waves and flooding, at least.


9:38 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Yeah, which is why I decided it would not be good to include it in the book....

Robin ;O

6:41 AM  

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