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Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ironman -- Setups & Payoffs

Just back from going out with friends to see Ironman. Really liked it (ok, I closed my eyes during several scenes, esp. the torture ones), but liked the relationships -- with friends, assistant/"girlfriend", and machines.

Very good movie to look for set-ups and pay-offs. Things that happen that later play into the story.

I have a friend who keeps a list of her setups to make sure she pays them off, and, I think I said I've done a set up from Guardian of Honor that I'm paying off in Echoes in the Dark (SEE I CAN REMEMBER THE NEW TITLE). Most of these I keep in my head, but my brain is not as sharp as it was...actually my Mom has always been the sharpest tack in the family box, and as she often tells me she is only HALF related to me.

Much blowing up of things, excellent performances by Downey and Paltrow, minimal philosophy, would have liked a touch more theme. So, picked up and driven to the large screen, line waited in, junk food munched, movie watched, out to dinner afterwards and driven home. Good time was had by all.

May you enjoy good company today.


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