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Friday, February 29, 2008

New Keepers of the Flame Scene -- March Website Update

Well, March is up and had to be done because I'm participating in "Horse" book contests now through the 16th. I'll be posting the contest each day here, too, along with a bit of advice or quote or something.

Anyway I rewrote Chapter 1 in Keepers of the Flame several times and I loaded one up. It's not quite the longest entire chapter...I had some yoga stuff and something a little more at their parents house, but it's up.

May you enjoy all aspects of your life.


Blogger franzaida said...

dear robin,
wouldn't it be great if luthan fell in love with the last exotique summoned. i have frustrated over the fact that faucon always had near misses on all three previous and now that i'm just opening the first page to the keepers of the flame i've read, through previews and reviews of the book, that faucon will be one of the men who will be chosen to be bonded. victory at last! i started reading the exotique lladranan series books on a whim. i am one of those people who don't judge a book by its cover and fell in love with the stories and anticipated each summoning. once i saw a new book came out on january i started reading from the very beginning and was glad that i saw some aspects i missed.
though i'm sure you're already writing the last edition, or is it? or probably already done with it, i'd think that it would be somehow full circle if luthan fell for the last exotique - who'd probably be a replacement to the current singer, right? i'm assuming and i'm probably just dreaming that it would happen. but wouldn't it be such a blast?
keep the fantasies coming! i thank you.

2:46 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Franzaida, first, thank you for the lovely comment.

Second, don't hate me when you come to the end of Keepers of the Flame (no I don't have a cliff hanger) and you sound like you pick up on the clues I leave.

Yes, Luthan is the hero/romantic interest in Echoes in the Dark (I think that's the title), yes, he will bond with the new Exotique who will probably turn out to be the new Singer...I like my stories tidy.

That said, there's always someone I torture more than anyone else. In the Heart books its Tinne Holly, in the Summoning books, it's Faucon.

Take care, and thanks again,

9:34 AM  

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