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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Freewriting Seminar

The seminar went well. Here it is.
©Robin D. Owens
Practical Exercises to identify and destroy your negative inner critic. Discussion as wished. Paper and pens available.

Brief Introduction: 3 minutes
Freewriting, Childlike Creative Self, Negative Inner Critic/Censor, and Affirmations

Exercise 1: 10 minutes, Post-Exercise Discussion
Identify Negative Beliefs, Pinpoint Origin (who told you being a writer was bad?) This exercise is based on one created by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way. All of the statements included are my own. (See Attachment)

Exercise 2: 5 minutes
Create an Affirmation tailored to silence your Inner Critic

Example: I’m allowed to nurture my talent: Inner Critic Says: You have so many other things to do you shouldn't be wasting time writing. Past: (Father) You're doing what YOU want to do, not what I want you to do. What I want you to do is more important than what you want to do

Affirmation: I leave my past and the negative critic based on my father's words behind me. Nurturing my writing talent is valuable to me, and I will continue to write.

Exercise 3: 5 minutes, Post-Exercise Discussion
Create a visualization of your Inner Critic (crayons and paper provided)

Example: Snake in Eden, Wicked Witch, Snotty Teacher
Destroy or Cross Out and keep as a reminder (see Attachment)

Exercise 4: 5 minutes
Freewrite your fears about your current work. Drain them all away destroy if you wish.

May you feel relieved today.



Anonymous a reader said...

Looking forward to hearing how the World Building seminar went! Hope you have a good time, a safe trip back & lots of stories to tell.
I haven't got your book yet. At this speed I'll get Heart Dance & Harry Potter at the same time.... No food or any other amenities at home for a few days then!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Liz R said...

Hey Robin. Hope you and Sharon are having a great time!

5:40 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Reader, make sure you stock up on food...

Liz, it's been interesting. Sharon is still out, but I've been talked and partied till I'm done in. Smmoches. Hope to see you in Sept.


9:10 PM  

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