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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Sorry, I didn't include the affirmations or instructions. Write the affirmations between 15-30 times and sometime during that process your negative inner critic will pop up and deny the affirmation. Listen. Who would have said that to you in your life?

Craft an affirmation tailored to refute the person.

Creative Affirmations for Exercise 1 (Choose One):

Every day in every way the universe supports all my creative endeavors.
Inspiration comes easily to me.
The Universe supports my creativity and all that I dream I can accomplish.
As I create, I will be led.
My creativity helps myself and others.
I am allowed to nurture my talent.
There is a divine plan for my creativity.
I am unlimited potential, with unlimited possibilities for my creativity.
I am willing to pursue my own unique way.
I will be given the tools I need to make my creativity flourish.
I will be given the support I need to make my creativity flourish.
The divine flows through me as I create.
I have the power to translate my dreams into reality.
I have faith in my own ability to be creative.
Higher guidance is always available to me when I listen for it.
I accept the natural cycle of activity and rest.
Every day brings new, fresh ideas.
I recognize and embrace my essential core of creative energy.
I am sustained energy, working steadily to realize my goals.
I am developing the skills I need to carry out my dreams.
I experience the inner fulfillment that comes from working at my highest potential.
©Robin D. Owens

May you listen to your good angel and not your negative critic.


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