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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Self-Motivation, Every little bit counts

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketI'm still weaving together scenes that I've already written. Yesterday's morning's wordcount was 1168 in a smoothly flowing transition scene, then I had some errands to run that took me most of the day, fell asleep to the rain while reading Clouds of Witness by Dorothy L. Sayers (Mom borrowed my complete set years ago and finally gave them back to me).

I awoke late but determined to make the word count, and while revising the next scene and breaking scenes into chapters I did.

And I counted every minor word that I added:

the right spot
but more east
he'd staggered against
The home surgery at the house they'd given her and Elizabeth had crystals but they weren't as old and saturated as whatever stored Power in this place.
testing the interior space
roughly rectangular cul de sac

And then a switch in pov and a 3 paragraph lead in to the sex scene, which I'll cobble together today from some bits I've already written.

May self-discipline come easy for you today.


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