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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I haven't ever had a major revision (**KNOCK ON WOOD** -- something that meant adding more than one minor thread to the story or revising a couple of scenes (though that can be major for the scenes), so I guess I have been lucky.

I did have a revision letter about Protector of the Flight that I agonized about (the editor thought the time on Earth was too long from my synopsis), but I'd written much of the chapters, DID go back and forth with people on Lladrana/Earth, and just couldn't see how I could cut it and not lose necessary plot/character development, so I left it in. Since it was accepted (and I still like that portion of the book very, very much), I figured it worked.

I tend to write a slow first draft and many scenes are pretty clean and don't need much revision unless I have wonky plot or motivation going on. That said, the first draft can be wretched for me. I've always thought that writers put in a lot of time, either up front or later, or both. This is not a quick process, and sometimes it's slow because you're thinking about the story, or slow because you have to let your subconscious think about the story.

May everything go smoothly for you today.


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