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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Voldemort Van Gogh Award for Astronomical Terrorism

To Robin D. Owens for her art piece "Ace of Spades, The Dark Mark."

My Sorting Hat Costume (with big red lips for Limonwarts) and little ditty went over well, even though I just realized I didn't do the hat brim. Darn!

Then we did skits and I was Harry Potter twice (mixed in with the movies Happy Feet and the Day the Earth Stood Still) and Ron Weasley once (Titanic). It was interesting seeing how different people wanted to structure the improv skits, one always wanted to go for the big laugh, I wanted a little story scene...

After that we played the Werewolf card game and I was munched 2-3 times by the Werewolves and lynched by my fellow peasants once.

Following, we finished with the World's Greatest Party Game, a charades type thing -- everyone puts about 5 names in the hat, then we pull and have 30 seconds to describe the person to your team, and next round you have 30 seconds and can only describe the person in 2 words, 3rd round is all charades. It's always odd which names are duplicated, especially mass zeitgeist when such a person is not even spoken about. Rasputin and Elvis Presley and Hillary Clinton appeared 3 times, Wonder Woman and Harry Potter twice...I wasn't feeling up to the top of my form, but our team did manage to pull the win out...sheer silliness and rousing fun.

So now it's after one and I can post then go to bed.

May you find many avenues for your creativity today.



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