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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Snape the Joker, Harry Potter Deck of Cards

A while back I bought a blank deck of cards (for SoulCollage(R)) but learned they were too small and a couple of days ago I had this idea of making a Harry Potter deck at the Karvel Kon art show...I am PITIFUL at drawing, and usually do collage at which I am not SO pitiful, but I wanted to sell the idea to some of the others, who are actually artists.

So I brought the cards and made the first -- The Ace of Spades, the Dark Mark, and the second, the Ace of Hearts, the Goblet of Fire. Then we all assigned different characters to different cards -- Spades for villains, Hearts for those close to Harry, Clubs for Order of the Phoenix (Fighters -- Hagrid King), Diamonds (Dumbledore King), for all the rest. Then we committed art. Even those who'd only seen the movies or read the first couple of books long ago, helped. Dana doing Firenze the centaur (hey, we ARE all sf/f people), and maybe Ffawks (sp) later.

Snape was, of course, the Joker, and Gail Barton, a real artist did him, sneering on one side, smiling on the other...

Anyway, my cards ARE really pitiful -- the two Aces and Kreatcher (I cribbed from the book, but instead of the nose being sharp, mine's a little rounded and bulbous on the end where my hand shook and looks a little like a male appendage, especially issuing from between round cheeks -- really I should not be allowed to Commit Art), but others aren't too bad. I think we're almost up to 20 now. This is, of course, copyright infringement, but our work will never be published except for the regress report or sold except for a few cents--dollars to each other.

We got a wonderful syllabus (Course on Magical ART last night), which I'll probably put up when I get home. I did a badge (also pitiful with my name in unintentionally crooked letters), and got a white t-shirt with the colorful Limonworts logo -- Cat, Owl, Lungfish and Bookworm.

I spent too much money in the general store, but I don't go into craft stores often and I bought papers for my journal. The hotel is now not beige and soft green outside but yellow and orange, and there was an orange tabby cat greeting me when I arrived -- looking much like Wilbur, my Mom's, who I've been checking on the last 3 days.

Gathering in the Great Hall for breakfast at 9, so hopefully I'll be able to ge some writing done.

I still need to make my costume and requested I be first. I must buy black garbage bags and duct tape (with a nice silvery sheen). One of my friend Jane's cloaks (Cloaks by Campbell) appeared so I think there will be dementors coming, I should have brought mine, too. Reminds me of Karvel Kon XX (the double X files) where we all showed up in the masquerade in black raincoats (I was an alien flasher -- sex crime -- one of my finest moments, got many laughs).

That's it from Limon.

May you be creative in many ways today.


Blogger moonhart said...

This sounds great, Robin! Just the act of getting those creative juices flowing. I bet some faboo writing comes out of it.


2:53 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks, it was very good.


11:15 AM  

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