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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just a little list of titles....

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Of my non published work (both manuscripts and proposals) in order of creation.

Foursome (Regency historical romance, never finished, probably hopeless, mostly handwritten)
The Token (contemporary paranormal romance, manuscript CANNOT be saved)
Willful Deceit (contemporary romantic suspense, proposal)
Share the Night (Regency historical romance with a paranormal secondary character, proposal)
Shades of Honor (I call it Sapphires and Emeralds -- Regency historical paranormal romantic suspense, a twin story, manuscript)
Betrothal and Blackmail (Regency historical romantic suspense, manuscript)
Shimmering Enchantment(futuristic romance, proposal)
Heart & Sword (novella proposal, prequel to the Heart series, maybe someday...)
Slow Hand, Sure Touch (contemporary romance, chapters for a proposal)
Charmed Circle Series (Regency historical proposal pitch, will probably never be done)
Ghostlayer/Finder/Cursebreaker series (contemporary paranormal romance proposal, needs work before being sent out again)
Heart Change (next up in the Heart series if we agree)
Mistress of the Sea (fantasy romance, proposal, will not be done)
Phantom Quartz (working title urban fantasy, getting to proposal stage, next up)

Huh, will you look at that, I didn't think I had all those...guess I'm a writer.

May you enjoy your writing today.


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