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Friday, April 27, 2007

Fast Footwork -- Experienced Writer

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket I got behind in some of my other-stuff duties, i.e. did not submit a proposal for the RMFW conference. Luckily they wanted a romance panel. Now I've been on terrible "romance panels" and listened to some, too.

Well, today they wanted info on the romance panel. Now.

So I called up and emailed my good friends and brainstormed a little and in just a few minutes put together what I think will be an excellent panel. I did this because I know my friends, know we can do this, know we will prepare (or actually can speak for 10-15 minutes by ourselves on the topic). I amazed myself. But this is what you can do if you've got good friends, good ideas, and experience.

Elements of the Romance Genre:
All you need to know about writing romance[SNORT!] including Plot, Characterization, Emotional Depth, Setting and Worldbuilding (guess which topic is mine?). Presented by four experienced authors who have published over 75 books between them.

I like it and am pleased. Considering I once spent over 4 months working on a seminar topic that was ultimately rejected by RWA (I think that scarred me for working hard on a seminar before I get the go-ahead for life), I am amazed.

May you please yourself today.


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