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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Don't count your chickens

I wrote a proposal that had a cavern figure prominently in it. Then I wrote Calli's Story in the Summoning series that had her falling into Lladrana through a cave wall. Then I thought to myself (ok, I said to my friends) "I can't have Calli in a cave, not with other cave books coming out!" So I changed the opening to the hillside, which needed some research on the largest crystals, what they were and where they could be found -- say a day's worth of work. The rewrite took longer still.

So, have you heard of any books coming out with a cave from me? -- That answer is no. The cave books were submitted to two places with turn-downs and we pulled it until I could revise. I've done part of the revision, but my critique group has seen it so often they can't give me good input. I have a list of "fresh eyes" from some time ago if I ever go back to the project (and the longer I've been away from it, the better I like it again).

Moral of the blog. Don't change one book in the hand (I think Calli was sold), in case others sell. You can always put your best out to sell, but that doesn't mean it will.

I DO think the new opening is better, and it certainly shaped the rest of the story, don't know exactly where it would have gone with the cave instead of the crystal, but on the other hand it cost me time.

May you have all the time you want today to shape your worlds and words as you wish.


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