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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Title Change

I've been pestering my Luna editor for a while to get confirmation of the title Healers of Hope, a few nights ago I opened my email to a message that that title wouldn't fly. Since I had already gotten into the mindset that Healers of Hope was the title, I couldn't see beyond that. So I sent emails out to my writing buddies requesting help, and posted requests on the Luna board.

Then, I searched my machine for the original title list and naturally the first XX Of QUALITY...only went up to three, then there were other ideas that were sort of trilogy bunches.

I got some excellent titles from the Luna readers, and my newest critique buddy came through with Keepers of the Light or Keepers of the Flame(s). I did an amazon search and found fewer Keepers of the Light, particularly in the fantasy realm.

We're going with Keepers of the Flame, so I'll be going back and dropping flames into the book. I'm sure it will grow on me, as titles do, and I've already sent an idea for the artwork in, and hopefully they will keep that, or not change it too much.

I told mom at dinner last night, and she immediately came up with Menders of the Way, but I have a feeling Menders isn't strong enough either. With Keepers, you have the hard "K" that makes it sound more solid.

Anyway, that's the news, and naturally it was a distraction...So Healers of Hope is officially gone for Keepers of the Flame.

May you enjoy editing free writing today.



Blogger booklover said...

Well... I got an title idea awhile ago when I read Sorceress of Faith.
Which is probably very cheesy..but the title that popped into my head was Caretaker of the Song *blushes*

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a wonderful and very sad book about the history of lighthouses on the Coast of British Columbia called Keepers of the Light.
What about Healing Light/flame

3:57 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Booklover -- I LIKE Caretaker of the Song...and I always take my comments here seriously unless someone says "teasing." I'll keep it in mind if Singer For A World doesn't fly (and of 4 titles I've proposed, only 2 have stayed the same, not a great average).

Anon. I checked out both "Keeper" titles when I was thinking about them, and think I ran into that Keepers of the Light. Healing Light/Flame sounds good, too.

7:38 AM  

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