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Monday, January 22, 2007

Best Books

I'm judging now (not in my category) and done with my panel of (I think) 6. I had 3 mixed categories, one more than others, all good books. Now as for me. I DID enter the RITAs with my two books that were published last year. I can say, as most writers do, that each of those books were books of my heart and that I wrote them as best I could with the tools I had then, so I hope they are better than my previous years' writing and not as good as what I'm doing now. Yes, I would like them to win. I know some readers might not like them for various reasons and ALL CONTESTS ARE SUBJECTIVE.

But now I doubt and wonder WHY I entered. Habit? Paranormal tastes are so diverse. Futuristic/Fantasy is such a niche genre most people don't read (Heart Quest). It is a series book, and it has "funny" words and a complex world. Sorceress of Faith is in the category of "With Romantic Elements" which means it's competing with a great deal of women's fiction. I think Guardian of Honor was an easier and more fun read in the Lladrana universe...still...

So I rationalize that my work will probably get before new readers and hopefully they will want to see more of it, even if they don't give it top scores. That's definitely why I enter Bookseller contests, just to let people know I'm out there.

But you should know WHY you are entering before you do. (Actually my editor entered Heart Quest. Because it is her favorite of the series. So how cool is that? Of course that DID make writing Heart Dance tougher). So when you weigh which contests to enter, know why you are doing it, and how you will cope with rejection.

My standard RITA rationalization will work for a while...I know for a fact that if my book is up against something else and a judge likes them equally well, some judges will give the higher mark to the author that doesn't have "RITA Award Winning Author" on the cover, so the award gets spread around so to speak. That's my rationalization and I'm sticking to it. ;)

May you love your writing today.


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