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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Seminar -- Speaking Tips for Introverts

Speaking went well, the HOD ladies were gracious and we had good interaction. I revised my cards and practiced them. Getting to the church where I gave the talk was interesting because once again there were only icy ruts in the road (and an incline) and, as usual, I scraped the bottom of my car. Sigh. BTW, it's snowing AGAIN.

I DID make one mistake speaking. I stayed behind the table. Didn't realize this until later. So, though I pride myself on being an informal speaker, I didn't act like it. Now the table did seem a little small for leaning against it and I had all my stuff carefully arranged (including the RITA, I thought some folks would want to see her, and rubbing her is supposed to be good luck), but still I should have come out from behind it at intervals. This is interesting to me because when I first started speaking I was in front of the table all the time (of course I only had one book to wave around).

Nor did I circulate before or afterwards. Before I was busy setting up and getting a cup of tea for when I talked. Afterwards, I was busy breaking down and packing up during the short break before the business meeting -- oh, and I sold a few books.

Also, I always give away goodies, and I should have added in a little more time to share the motivational quotes, etc. So those were the mistakes I made and I'm pretty sure they're the kind of mistakes that introverts make. Extroverts wouldn't need to be reminded to circulate...

May you look at your characters from a different point of view today -- maybe make an extrovert do something very introverted or vice-versa?


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