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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Writing Day

The cold isn't too bad. I'm going to take it easy today. I don't have the luxury of completely pampering myself, so I will sit here in the office and work some. I got 3 chapters revised (with new scenes), and 1 finished yesterday and didn't push hard.

I've got my oj, my vitimin C and just ate toast and egg (though my timing was off with the toast being done before the egg).

I'll try and get at least 2 more chapters done. I'm coming up on a big love scene (all the foreplay is there ;) ) so I might end just before that.

In Heart Thief, I did some cutting back and forth during a time when my hero and heroine were in danger. It worked well then, and I've used it since. I really like to keep things in "real time" chronologically -- and there's TIME again -- so while she is at one ball, he is talking to Tinne Holly at another...and I cut back and forth. We'll see if it works.

Most authors show, say, a heroine getting in danger, then "back up" to see a hero realizing the heroine is missing, and the search gets on. I can do this, but personally I don't like to. In my writing. I usually have no problem with it in my reading.

And since I seem to have made sense in this blog, the writing shouldn't be too bad either.

But back to a good book and some snoozing.

May you do well with whatever technique you attempt today.


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