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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Series Notes -- Celta

I have various notes. I decided earlier this year that for set up of Tinne's story, Heart Fate, (next to be started/written), I needed to know exactly who died in the council chamber in Heart Thief.

(Ruis Elder is recovering from burns in the star ship Nuada's Sword, Shade was his protogee, Samba, his familiar cat is with Ruis)

The tang of citrus juice exploded with exquisite sweetness in his mouth. He drank until sated. He opened his eyes to the arched metallic silver ceiling of sick bay.
"Lady and Lord, Shade! The firebombspell! The FirstFamilies Council!" He tried to jackknife up, but his muscles only twitched.

Shade is dead. Boy went mad. Used your Nullness to get into CouncilChamber. Set off nasty spell. Holm Holly killed Shade.

Ruis remembered his shock and grief at seeing Shade dead on the CouncilChamber floor, lips peeled back from his teeth in a mad grimace. "The FirstFamily nobles?" His lips stiffened as emotions filtered back. He didn't want to remember the hideous pain of stopping the firebombspell with his body.

Many burned. Five die. One HeartMate died, T'Rowan, D'Rowan not burned bad, but she's HeartMate, will die soon.

"Six," his stomach roiled. "Six of fifty. More than ten percent. D'Vine, the old prophetess?" Though he had visions of her body flaming and crisping before him, a tendril of hope—


So, using this (and this is exactly copied from my file, above and below)

Those Who Died:

D'Vine (head of household)
T'Rowan (and D'Rowan dies later as HeartMate)
T'Elder (head of household)

So far in the series, two of the deaths were very important. D'Vine, who was a secondary character and made way for the new secodary character, young Vinni T'Vine.

T'Elder was the villain in Heart Thief.

The consequences of one more death will be revealed as very, very important in Heart Fate...

Late today, so I just pulled up something interesting, I hope.
AND I hope you had (will have) a wonderful writing session without consulting notes...


Anonymous Roslyn said...

Are we playing guessing games? Can I make a guess??? It's D'FURZE!

Oh right, too obvious cos she's Tinne's mum-in-law? Or will this make you change your storyline? Heh.

3:05 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

**Shamed and hanging head.** I know we talked about D'Furze on the blog, and whether she died or not, but I completely forgot when I put this up that she was Tinne's mother in law...


8:18 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

I love Vinni. I soo look forward to reading his story...so much great angsty stuff for him to deal with and at such a young age.

I will tuck away this snippet and as a clever reader will go "AHA!" at the appropriate time during Tinne's story.

I do hope you show us a bit more of Winterberry in upcoming books, I really enjoyed his story.

I would also love to read a solstice celebration story about Celta. Perhaps it's the season, but I can easily imagine Celtans when I listen to Jethro Tull's Soltice Bells.

moon (humming the tune)

7:37 PM  

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