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Saturday, December 09, 2006

I hate dreaming about Nora Roberts

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Dreaming about Nora always makes me feel inadequate, and I invariably do something stupid (I have in real life, too, though I did have the good sense to compliment her on the Three Fates once).

Anyway, I'm sure that phenomenal lady is on my mind because the day job is no more and I'm working hard on the writing, and she's been putting in 8 hours a day for years. I can barely manage 4 and I'm wiped (or 2500 words). Actually 2500 words is my current goal a day. Just doable (though when I'm not stressed and on a roll I can do more and occasionally double that. I'm working up to that). Any higher goal and I'd just hide under the covers and sleep.

Nora's also on my mind because I'm putting together another bag for her literacy auction and this one will be dynamite (my last one didn't go over so hot -- nearly late and my books and stuff associated with them like jade chopsticks, fairy pins, etc.) I already have 3 signed Circle books coming from Turn The Page, a Celtic dragon bag to put them in a couple of Celtic bookmarks and crosses, AND a numbered print of a golden dragon I bought at Mile Hi Con. I'll put the Summoning books in with other bits -- cast pencil sharpener in the shape of Tower Bridge etc.

And WalMart says they'll deliver Protector of the Flight to me today. HUH?!!! Since they charged me tax, I guess they might have a warehouse in Colorado. I'll tell you what's up with that.

Other reasons for anxiety dreams: I think I'm coming down with a cold (naturally I can't afford one) and I've been dosing myself with Vitimin C, and the tea I bought at an International Market place and Whole Foods taste mediocre in the extreme. Bleh. I'm pretty sure it's the tea and not me.

And I'm loitering on this blog because it's one of those "sew up the scenes" day and I probably won't make my goal, OTOH, I might have 4 chapters more all made up and tidy by the time of the RMFW Holiday Party.

Catie, wish you were here, or I was there.

May today be better than anticipated.


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