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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Professional Appearance

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I usually have scruffy clothes for around the house (and writing), posh casual (as the Brits say) for day job, and Convention Clothes that usuallt consist of black pants and shirt and an overwrap, usually a scarf-coat, some elaborate with sequins for evening wear, some not.

I also have black velvet pants and black velvet jacket and colorful blouses. That’s “professional” for me, though I can do jacket and pants and blouse for a more professional, office wear look.

I have a bunch of Holy Clothing (ebay store) outfits too. Velvets in gray and red and maroon and blue and purple, about 6 sets I think. These are definitely fantasy/con wear.

Tonight I’m getting a corset made especially for me by my friend Jane Campbell, of Seems Like Magic (I don’t think her website is updated yet so I’m not linking you there). We picked the fabric (black with chinese-type tree designs in multi-colors) a couple of weeks ago.

I attended a seminar she gave on corsets earlier this year and learned. 1) They can be surprisingly comfortable. 2) I have a fabulous figure for corsets. They make me look incredible.

But I am pretty darn sure they aren’t professional wear, even at fantasy cons. Of course, I’ve gotten nothing back from WFC notifying me that I’m on any panels or anything, so I guess I don’t have to worry about that. Don’t know if I will have any sort of special badge saying I’m an Author. So I may go incognito. And advertise Jane’s wares.

I’m torn. Do I wear my Author Clothes (somewhat colorful and flowing) or my even outrageous fan get-up? How much does “professional” image count at these things if I’m just messing around? For Mile Hi Con, I’ll wear pants and a jacket and blouse for the reading (and I may have to do a quick change, ‘cause I’m doing Improv exercises at Improvocation right before). And my most demure cut velvet ruana for the panel I’m moderating. Then I’ll wear my fantasy play clothes. I’ve been attending Mile Hi con for a lot of years.

Decisions, decisions.

May your characters dress appropriately today. (And what happens if they don't?)


Blogger CE Murphy said...

Wear the corset to the banquet!

2:31 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Catie, I didn't buy tickets to the banquet. I'm cheap, don't care to go to that and thought I'd crash or (since I rented a car) do something else in Austin or even (gasp) write.

6:18 AM  
Blogger CE Murphy said...

Oh. Well.

Wear the corset to something else, then! :)


7:54 AM  

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