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Friday, October 27, 2006

Mile Hi Con

Not much time to blog this am. Mile Hi Con is today, I've put in the comp time to take off early because I'm doing Improvocation (improv exercises to warm up attendees) and my reading today.

I'll be reading from Sorceress of Faith since it is out. The last two cons I read from the books coming out the next February. But I think it's better to read from a work that's out.

I'm using my writing time this am to make promo items. My Wallet Calendars didn't come in time. Much cursing. I usually do booklets but they cost as much as wallet calendars for fewer and I didn't do the set up to send to the printer. Sigh.

There was a miscommunication between me and my supplier. So now I'm spending hours making something and praying the wallet calendars will make it to World Fantasy Con next week.

I'll be at the day job for another month.

Henna party was great, though with a very snowy day my pattern (a pentacle surrounded by Willow leaves) the paste didn't last long and one part of my pattern is much lighter than the other.

Hope to see bats in Austin.

All for now.

May you escape into your writing today.


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