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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


I grew up in a noisy house. My Dad had hearing loss as a young man and always seemed to shout and I have two brothers…so, very noisy. My grandmother (Mom’s side) always had the news on in her home – radio or tv, and my Mom caught the CNN habit.

I usually have music going. I have a 50 CD player with radio (doesn’t pick up my fav station well so I don’t listen to it at home), and cassette player. And, of course, I download LOTS of music from emusic (where I get most of my soundtrack music from) that I keep on my computer and listen to when I work at my writing. I also listen to subliminals with headphones.

When I’m at a day job, I’m usually at a secretary’s open station or a cubicle with noise all around.

So I don’t sit and listen to the quiet as often as I should. There’s a lot you can hear in the quiet – trees rustling, rain, cars. I can hear people talking loud as they walk down my street. Sometimes the muffling blanket of snow subdues all other sounds. More quiet.

Ideas can definitely come in quiet time, and I should remember that. You might too.

May the quiet bring you inspiration today.


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