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Monday, October 16, 2006

Write It Down

I had 3 ideas to deepen one of my stories this weekend, and they weren't anywhere near what I was working on. So I wrote them down.

Don't think that you will remember, you won't -- at least I don't and in general I have a pretty good memory for all that is writing. But for me, ideas come half formed and writing them down solidifies them, as well as keeping a record.

One of these ideas was an old one I HADN'T written down and I had to scramble around in the brainbox to find it. Now they're down and I feel much better.

I heard of a study where they tested the memories of young people and older folks and the older folks had better ones, and the particular conclusion they came to in this study was because the older folks didn't rely on their memories of tasks to be done but wrote them down.

So even a line or two out of context, enough to give the gist of what you want to all or set up helps.

May the threads you're weaving be rich today.


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