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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Average American Women Summoned to Another Dimension To Fight Encroaching Evil

That's my short blurb, log line, for the Summoning series. And I'm tying this into yesterday's post about readers missing things because I have a couple of reviews and a critique buddy who just don't GET the concept of this.

One of those -- "You can't make me suspend my disbelief, ever" -- these are readers that I just have to sigh and give up on and say "go forth and read other authors." The same with readers who "hate talking animals." There will probably always be talking beasties in my books. You will always dislike my books. Don't waste your money.

The problems with the Summoning stories for the above readers is that, for whatever reason, they can't buy into the fact that a person would go to another planet, acclimate, and stay. They are focused on Earth. Even if I do my best to motivate my heroines, they worry about what is going on back home. Even if most of my heroines have little "back home" to return to (at least in the first three Summoning books). While these readers are worrying about Earth, about how the heroine is becoming part of the Lladranan culture too soon (Ever), I am moving on with the fantasy story and not taking them along.

I HATE when people say "I don't read that kind of book." I always want to say "Trust me, baby, mine's different." But maybe it isn't. Maybe someone really CAN'T suspend the disbelief enough to be swept into my stories of another time, another place.

There are some readers you will never reach. And, yes, I guess I am working through this in this blog.

May you charm all your readers today.


Anonymous Roslyn said...

Robin, just write what your heart wants you to write.. and the fans who like the way you create will buy your books. The best thing you could ever do is be true to yourself. And I'm still suffering waiting for the local bookshops to offer Heart Quest. I just wonder how long I will last before I surrender and order from Amazon. It's just that they charge extra for international orders. Mucho extra...

4:29 AM  
Blogger Holly said...

My hubby frequently complains that his grandmother can't suspend her own belief to save her life. Apparently, she could never *get* Superman, no matter how many times he explained it. People can't fly. She can't fly, therefore Superman shouldn't be able to, either. It's impossible in her mind.

I admit, I have this problem with vampires reproducing through sexual means. I outright refuse to believe that a dead creature can either carry a baby or fertilize an egg. Now, if an author proposes a situation in which such a thing makes sense (follow the basic laws of human biology or make them not dead), fine. That I can probably accept. But I won't read vampire books because what are the chances I'll find a sufficiently built universe inside?

Your Summoning books, though, Robin, I love. In my opinion, you did a wonderful job integrating the why of their Snap choice into the stories. If people are pleased enough with their lives to not understand the desire to run away and start over or to be really needed by someone/thing, then chances are they aren't big speculative readers, anyway. There's nothing wrong with that. Diversity makes the world go 'round.

Do what you wanna do. Enjoy it. You can't please all the people all the time. :) Hugs!

8:47 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Thanks Roslyn and Holly, excellent points made by both of you.


6:26 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

I pick up a book to be swept away. Whether it's a Regency, a paranormal, or a contemporary, if I am reading your book I am willing to suspend my disbelief.

My readers will have to suspend ALOT of disbelief. In return, I hope to take them someplace new with a really good story.

Some people will not "get" it, I'm sure. But I would rather concentrate on those who do.


4:17 PM  
Blogger roslyn said...

Hiya Robin,
I gave up on waiting and sent an email to one of the local online bookstores asking for Heart Quest. Even though I did a search and the website didn't have it. Lo and behold, within a day, the website started offering Heart Quest.

I've made my order and now I bug the office boy everyday.
8 am
"No box for me today?"
"No.. sorry."

2 pm
"Has a box appeared anytime anywhen?"
"Huh? No.. no box in the morning means no box in the afternoon."
"Oh, just asking."

TRIF, I CAN'T STAND IT! Ooops, I meant Robin.

12:03 PM  

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