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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Simple Everyday Pleasures

I know I was going to talk about the novella Heart & Sword (a prequel set on Nuada's Sword with a revived Captain facing a mutiny after centuries of travel with no reaching the original plantet, and his wife still sleeping in the stasis tube) which didn't sell, but that means talking about Heart Thief and a fantasy writing technique that I was exploring and didn't work and why it didn't work...so I'm putting that off because I REALLY want to get to Heart Dance this morning.

So, Simple Everyday Pleasures. When was the last time your hero or heroine enjoyed a simple everyday pleasure? Even those on a quest can admire a running brook and how it is cold from the mountains or warm from the sun...

It's getting cool here (though I wore a sweatshirt out yesterday and fried), and this morning I ran the drier a little (from laundry done last night) and plucked out the first two socks and slipped them on. Oh, YEAH! Feet are erogenous zones...

So I thought of this blog. Give your characters a break, let them cherish a simple thing today (and you can twist it bad tomorrow).

May you enjoy writing today,


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