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Friday, October 20, 2006

Introvert or Extrovert

Most writers are introverts. If you aren’t count yourself blessed because in-person promotion will be much easier for you.

I can be extroverted, I spoke first to a woman at the bus stop this morning and told a little story. Of course, we’ve been sharing the bus stop on and off for about five years – and I don’t know her name, which is a real reflection on me…sigh.

I used to think my mentor was an extrovert. She has a warm and bubbly personality. Then I realized I always saw her at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers (which she helped found, I think) and she knew and was known by everyone there, surrounded by friends.

At one of my first critque groups, we did the Myers-Briggs thing and five out of the seven of us were introverts, with Steven being one of those wishy-washy introvert/extrovert people (he’s a Libra).

My father was wildly, enthusiastically extroverted. My Mom is an introvert. I think my brother Tom is like Steven, the other two of us are introverted.

Characters – I think introverts can write extroverts and vice versa, because we all have shades of that OTHER inside us. Just something to think about today, what way your characters swing. I don’t think I’ve written a cheerful, extroverted villain…hmmmm.

May you be introverted or extroverted as needed today.


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