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Friday, September 01, 2006


I have a few traditions around this time of year -- I go to the Taste of Colorado, I try to keep the holiday weekend for writing, I prepare for any seminar I might be giving at RMFW, and gear up for that conference.

And I play "The End Of August" by Yanni -- and have for the last few days. This came to pass when my first contract paralegal job came to an end -- and it was the end of August. I remember looking east from a high rise, watching the dust blow (bad duststorms that year), wondering at my future (I hadn't decided, then, to become a full time contractor).

So traditions can be personal, familial, regional, cultural -- religious, spiritual. But I think that all NEED traditions.

A friend of mine was asked to make her book a "Christmas" book. Well, she's writing Christian romance, so you know that it would be a HUGE theme (and a HUGE difference in the book). Not something you can throw in like a little candle lighting...

So decide what traditions your characters might follow, and whether you'll show them. Or whether they break with tradition, and how they feel about that.

May tradition soothe you today.


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