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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Plug it in

Well, shoot, the bio thing was supposed to be for this am and got posted yesterday, too.

I just happen to have another topic. ;)

The first chapter of my Luna books proposal was not received well by critique (taking the new version to critique today). So I stuck it in the back of my mind and let my subconsious work on it. I think I found an excellent fix and wrote it last night, fine tuned it this am.

But I knew I didn't want to get bogged down in the old, problematic first chapter. Didn't want to open it up, half-heartedly tinker with it, then write the new scene.

So I wrote the new scene on a new screen, in Times New Roman and single spaced instead of Courier New and double spaced. When it was DONE and polished I plugged it in.

THEN I rearranged, cut, revised paragraphs. Wiped out the whole second scene. Because all my critiquers say that the minute we hit Lladrana, everything's fine. Getting there can be a problem. With this opening as with Sorceress because my heroine has a loving family (Marian had a loving brother and other family) and I had to set that up. The family part takes time.

That's one of my tricks/techniques, just writing, then plugging in later. It keeps me from bogging down in too-many-times-revised words/scenes/chapters.

May ideas flow to your brain today,


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