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Friday, August 25, 2006

Once a Writer

I had lunch with a friend who was in critique group with me for many years yesterday. She left when she adopted a child and became a single Mom – and she was the one who had the idea that if someone really could find their HeartMate with a charmkey (like in Heart Duel, which she critiqued) they’d go door to door. Which was the basis of Heart Quest.

I’ve been very tired lately and wanted to talk about her and her daughter, though naturally we caught up. SHE wanted to talk about the Heart books, and most particularly new titles for Heart Match. And what seminar I’m giving at RMFW (freewriting).

This was so odd. But later I figured that the innate writer in her was still there, still clamboring to get out, that she missed writing and critique and everything else.

Huh. Well, I did say I was tired.

So, if you ever turn away from writing for other, greater priorities, know that it will probably live inside you always. My friend has an idea for a story, and I’d like to see it come to fruition.

May you embrace your vocation today.


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