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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Clueless on Many Levels

Well, I was wrong about the move. Being a contractor I am usually out of the email and gossip loops and we won’t be moving until next Tuesday.

So, what loops are your characters out of? Have they missed anything lately? How do they react? How much do they have to scramble? Keeping Secrets is always fun during a book.

Heart Quest (coming soon to a bookstore near you), has the most mystery I’ve ever put in a book, and I had to do Clues. I’ve never really wanted to do a mystery for that very reason. Plotting. So if I do have a slight suspense-mystery bent where I don’t reveal the villains, I anticipate that my readers will ALWAYS guess EARLY who the villain is.

I had a problem with the Clues. One of those things that I had to go back and put in. I prefer a clueless book.

May you lay down everything necessary in your plot today.


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