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Monday, August 28, 2006


It's getting very autumn like here. I am cool when I write this and took down my sun blocking shade in my bedroom and the window fan. I'll start closing the windows at night.

With seasons comes a change in weather and, in turn, the change in daily life for people. School is upon us -- getting ready for it, or getting our children ready for the school year -- which takes time and energy. Usually time and energy AWAY from something else, such as reading blogs ;)

The days are getting shorter. I have a lamp that is supposed to help with seasonal disorder -- the lack of sunlight thing (but it was inexpensive so I don't know that it really works). I may have a mild case, but others can be deeply depressed by the lack of sunlight. And though I speak of retiring to Ireland, I've never been there and Denver has 300 days of sunshine. What would all that gray do to me? And my office faces south, which means that I should start getting sunlight about the Equinox, and the sun doesn't shine in during the hot days of summer, but is always a friend in the winter.

So, what season is affecting your characters and how? Do they love the renewal of spring? Are they caught slogging through mud? Is the shortening winter days filling them with dread? Are they flying with a summer breeze? Exultant at the change of colors of the leaves and the brisk snap of air?

Seasons affect us as people, and they should affect your characters, too. Use them.


Anonymous Deadiquette said...

Lately my characters are wrapped around the torpid humidity that's clinging to me here in Florida. It's not bad enough that the weather has forced me to wear (extraordinarily) big hair. I must wear the added insult of really big FRIZZY hair.

So I'm hiding in my house writing sultry dog-day scences. Let's face it, during August in Central Florida, sex under the ceiling fan is about the only recreational sport left to us.

Since Mr. You're so Vain is out of town, and the pool boy has love handles that need their own zip code, I'm writing great, sweaty sex! (no, not socks. SEX!!!!!)

11:11 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

GO Deadiquette! Sweaty sex is GOOD....


10:42 AM  

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