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Saturday, September 09, 2006

RMFW Conference

Just a note. I'm home to feed the cats and pick up books for a speaking engagement at Pinehurst Country Club today. I wiah that I hadn't signed up to do that because I'd rather be at the RMFW conference, where I can usually be myself instead of Author.

Freewriting seminar went well enough that I think I'll propose it to RWA. They have a habit of shooting my seminars down (will never forget all the work I put into Is Writing Software Right For You), and I proposed Organization for the Pantzer last year. We'll see if it flies.

A lot of agents and editors here. Small friendly convention. Lots to see and learn and old friends to catch up with.

My agent is here and wants to meet with me. That always sounds to me if there's bad news....

I may be on late tomorrow as I didn't think there was any reason to take my laptop with me and won't be getting back home until tomorrow afternoon.

Da*n it, where's that superglue?

May the writing horizons open up to you today.


Blogger Diane P said...

I just finished Heart Quest, and I want to tell you how much I enjoyed the book.The most telling part was that I want the next book in the series NOW! Congratulations on a wonderful book and I hope you keep on writing the series.

I was wondering if you could add a geneology chart in the next book. I suppose I could go through and re-read your books before I read the next one, but I'd hate to wait even longer to see what happens next.

BTW I also love the Guardian of Honor series.

9:37 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Diane, THANKS!

I've been surfing the net and there are some people who **gasp** didn't like the book. Bummer.

The heroine of Heart Match (title might not be the same), Dufleur Thyme is giving me fits. The hero may be too beta...

I made a geneology chart and put it somewhere...and haven't been able to find it. I know it's on fancy flowered paper...I ordered 2 different geneology software programs and don't really like either.

But I'll get the chart up sometime.

Winterberry is a far distant cousin of the Hollys. Trif Clover is the cousin of Mitchella who married Straif Blackthorn.

Straif Blackthorn is the nephew of T'Holly and a cousin to Holm and Tinne (T'Holly's sister married Straif's father).

Danith D'Ash was an orphan who became friends with the Clovers and was considered almost a part of the Clover family. She married T'Ash.

I think that's the cast of Heart Quest's connections. If you need any more specific info that I can answer here, I'll be glad to do so.


3:36 PM  

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