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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Protector of the Flight Copy Edits

Well, I think I told you all that Protector of the Flight came in at 590 ms pages. The edits were relatively clean. I cut about 8 lines and added (for clarification purposes) maybe ½ a page. I really didn’t have anything I sat to mull over or sit and think about, which was very good, and my editor didn’t ask for any major revisions, also VERY good.

But, as usual, I did a lot of little clean up and word change. Which means that out of the 590 pages, about 570 are going back. Oh, and I changed the name of the flying horse. Yes, when you change a name, that means you SHOULD sit there and cross it out every time you use it, because the typesetter WILL miss one or two. I know this from personal experience. I actually changed 3 names, but only 1 had more than three refernces.

It took me 20 hours broken into two 8 hour blocks and two 2 hour blocks. One of the 2 hour block was when I had to go back and check spelling, or something didn’t make sense, or the set up was wrong or I had to check my research – all the things I put little tabs by.

So I got off easy this time and I’m grateful.

May all your choreography work smoothly and the right names come to you today.


Blogger Jacki Bentley said...

Congratulations, Robin! That's great to have so few edits.

7:00 PM  
Blogger moonhart said...

590 pages? Does the MS come back in TNR or Courier? I swear I never know if I am overwriting or underwriting, but I have been editing out some of my subplots because there just ain't room and they really belong to other books.

I swear there are days I think I will never get this done.


6:26 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Moon, that's my ms pages in Courier New 12, they work with that through 2 edits then send back the galleys or page proofs which are more like the final book (depending on publisher). I'm pretty sure I put a page of copy edits up earlier for you to look at....but I'm late for work and we're packing to move. That bus don't wait.


7:23 AM  

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