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Monday, December 12, 2005

Real Writers Wear Sweats

One day I was at the day job and emailing a writer friend about an emergency (my editors had my job phone number). Now it was noon my time and my friend lives in Florida so it was 2pm there..."By the way," she said, "I'm still in my pjs."

Now, I wear oversize t-shirts to bed. Lounging around in them in a cold-to-save-on-heating-bills-house in the winter is not an option. So I usually have underwear on, a short sleeved very soft sweater against my skin, a cotton turtleneck, and an oversized chenille sweater or sweatshirt, long underwear and sweat pants. Those are my writing clothes.

I am most worried about my feet. Even with two pairs of socks and my isotoner slippers they get cold. One of my crit buddies gave me those foot-warming herbal slippers filled with bird-seed like stuff to heat up in the microwave and I loved them, but I, uh, melted the plastic thread that was used and now I leave a trail wherever I go...and I usually do some of my writing on one of those "kneeling" chairs and the feet are not flat on the floor, but hang over the bottom ledge, so the herbal slippers would fall off.

And I need more long underwear and sweats. I only have one good pair of sweatpants -- thick and wooly, that I bought one night when I stayed late at work and was going to improv practice. I see a visit to ARC in my future to buy sweats.

But I don't have to match my socks...I think I have blue one and a black one on today. The black one is shorter in the leg part.

Of COURSE there's a tie-in to Writing and Publishing. Write in something comfortable. I can't imagine writing in tight jeans. I think all my plots would whine. And I've heard of fictional (and not so fictional) authors wearing "lucky bathrobes/slippers" etc.

May you completely forget about clothes as the muse sweeps you away today.


Blogger Michele said...

You are so funny!!!!

2:12 PM  

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