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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Fantasy Writing/Jarring Real Life

Friday Afternoon

One minute you're soaring above the Marshalls' Castle on your first flight with a winged horse in the heat of a midsummer morning, the next you're trying to stop the explosive spurting of icy water of a broken water hose.

Yeah, it warmed up in Denver. I thought I had the heater in the back porch where the washer and dryer are turned on warm enough to keep stuff from freezing. Apparently not.

Now for a game we played in improv Good News/Bad news (I always hated that game). Good news is I found it relatively quickly after I went down to get some lunch -- and that I was here instead of at day job. Bad news, I couldn't deal with it quickly because MY HANDS WEREN'T STRONG ENOUGH TO TURN OFF THE WATER TAP. Tried tape (twice), tried running down stairs to turn off the main, ditto result. Tried WD 40. Helped some, I think. Tape again. Stood a while with my fingers over the hole thinking what should I do. Tried a screwdriver through the open holes of the handle. Got it down some. Then the handle broke. More WD 40, a different screwdriver. A pitcher under the leak. Done.

Whew. Guess I'll be doing my laundry in the bathroom sink and tub for a little bit. Also will be
calling my brother (the blacksheep who's handy and always out of work), to come over and help me. Everything's jammed together so we'll have to pull out the heater, then the washer, replace the metallic hose and see what we can do so this doesn't happen again.

Problem is that if I call my bro, my MOTHER will come and the place is seriously a mess. So I don't think I'll do it today (Friday). Today I'll pick up and clean and move things around so the place will be half-way decent for Mom and bro. Maybe my also-handy-in-work-reliable bro might come, too...and did I say that my niece just married a plumber's son? This is beginning not to look so bad, but...

I gotta lot of New Age Meditation music, including Healing, Massage, and Crystal Bowls on my computer and I am going to listen to it ALL! And where's that d**n rum? Oh, yeah, in the back porch...

Love to all, and may your writing world be fascinating and your real world boring today...


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