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Monday, December 05, 2005

Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Now Taking National & International Members

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Yes, it's true. And maybe you aren't excited as I am, but this is the fiction organization that taught me to write with their excellent critique groups. I'm still in an RMFW critique group and intend to stay there. Forever. (Good thing no one from my crit group reads this...a prophet in her own country...)

The most important thing for a writer is a support group to be there when you soar to the sky or fall flat on your face. A support group lets you know that even though we all write individually, WE ARE NOT ALONE.



RMFW is my support group, and they have been an excellent one.

I was always sad that when people asked me what they should do to become good writers I couldn't recommend RMFW because the person was, say, in Alabama. (If you're an intermediate romance writer the online group of Romance Writers Unlimited is where I'd send you http://www.rwunlimited.org/)

But at the RMFW Holiday Party, it was announced that the membership had voted to open RMFW up to EVERYONE. I think we'll be getting some members from OR and maybe Catie Murphy (C.E. Murphy) will join from Ireland.

Yes, RMFW has a great newsletter. The pubbed authors are excellent at sharing networking advice -- and we have awesome critique groups (online, too!). My best friends in the world belong to RMFW.

So, yes, I'm excited that it's open to others around the world. New friends!

And may your writing go so smoothly today, your critique buddies will applaud at the result.



Blogger moonhart said...

Okay, what is an intermediate romance writer?


11:02 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Terri, that would be you. Someone who knows basic techniques...isn't asking about POV, head hopping, first person omniscient, etc. and also, ya know, is professional enough to take critique without flaming or getting defensive (and yes, I put up with a defensive crit buddy in person for many, many years until that group dissolved).

8:16 AM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

Actually, Terri, I would consider you ADVANCED...;)

8:16 AM  
Blogger moonhart said...

Oh Robin! You just made my year!

Thank you!


7:02 AM  
Blogger CE Murphy said...

Actually, I joined back in August or so when Alice or Jan or somebody emailed to let me know they'd opened it up to people outside the Rocky Mountain states. :)

I *do* need to re-up my membership, though!

2:20 AM  

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