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Sunday, December 04, 2005

Change in Blog Posting Time

Since I am now out of a day job (until I get a new resume up and to my agency so they can flog it around -- something I think they should have asked for last month when I gave them notice so they'd have it by now) I will probably be sleeping in and posting later, like 9-10 my time. I hope.

My natural rhythms were once pretty nocturnal -- rising late (10) and going to bed late (2 am) or so. I have, of course, been part of the diurnal workforce for many years, so we will see whether my rhythm has changed. And really, I'd anticipated more 24 hour businesses (brick & mortar) open by this time in my life -- but maybe the net takes care of that.

In any event, I am hoping NOT to be posting early in the am. If so, that means I probably didn't sleep well the night before.

Tying this in to Writing and Publishing is easy. Find your best, most productive writing time, and if at all possible, write at that time. The muse (or the guy in the basement like Stephen King says) will reward you more often if your subconsious knows that THESE HOURS ARE CREATIVE HOURS for writing. There are little rituals you can do to notify your creative self -- lighting a candle, putting on the soundtrack for the book you're writing, changing the light in your room from overhead to lamps...etc.

May your writing time grace you today with excellent ideas.



Blogger moonhart said...

Sniff. Means us Right-Coasters need to wait longer.

Sniff. Okay. I guess.

terri (giving Robin the big puppy dog eyes)

12:47 PM  
Anonymous a reader said...

There is a beutiful photo of a fox today at webshots.com, daily photos, and it seems they have a collection of pictures as well. Hope you enjoy it.

1:28 PM  
Blogger Robin D Owens said...

You can handle it Terri.

THANKS READER, I went and downloaded it. Oddly enough, I had webshots at work, but not at home.


6:21 PM  

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