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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Celebrate Milestones!

Rewarding yourself works...whether it's with a break to play, a special cup of tea (**whispering** a teeney purchase), when you praise or reward your inner child where your creativity comes from, you feel good and that child will probably help you out some more.

So I think I'll reward myself. With a nice, long, hot bath and a book.

Because for the first time since I've been off the day job, I've gotten all my pages done in the morning. Since I'm used to writing in the evenings, I've usually played in the ams, checked email, researched, exercised, STUFF, but today I wrote.

Ok, it took a long time. I'm not completely happy with the horse-stuff, and my Mom called in the middle of my writing. AND I barely made my word count. But I DID, and I took time to clean up the chapter, too, and will be able to link some scenes chronologically, which is good. Milestone met.

Another milestone. My Mom did NOT ask me to come and do something. That is one of my great fears, that much of my time will be eaten up by requests to do something because I have all this "free time." Mom DID mention what she was going to do, and invited, but I said the writing was going well and declined.

So, go Robin! ;)
May you all have something to celebrate today. And I think I'll write a couple more blogs. I do that and keep them in draft so I can use them later...which also leads to you all seeing great ups and downs of moods.


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