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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Of Websites and Blogs and When to Advertise

Yes, I love my website, and I like this blog, too. And I LOVE the design of both. For those of you who’ve been with me from the first (a different template of the blog), you’ll know that I fumbled around making this look exactly how I wanted. For instance, the left column of links doesn’t exist on the Template, so I made it, and made a .gif of “Links” that approximates the other fonts on the page. The background is different as are the link colors and some font colors…and that’s my teeney experience with html.

Now, as most of you know, I recently moved to the writers community, Access Romance. And I can get my hands on my pages, now. You know I have over a 100 pages on my site? Mostly the Artist Archives. Someday, in the future, I hope to be more knowledgable and do many of my updates myself.

Yesterday I bought some online advertising for February 2006 and Sorceress of Faith. Yes, it’s time to do that! I’ll be buying print advertising later this week.. Anyway the ads are banner boxes at Romance Designs. They wanted a link for the ads, preferably a bookseller or an excerpt page with a link to booksellers. Well, I HAVE an excerpt page for Sorceress of Faith. With trepidation I tried to add a link to amazon. (SOF is available for preorder there). AND IT WORKED! Wowie, Zowie! http://www.robindowens.com/reads/sorceress_of_faith.htm

So, writing and publishing advice? If you’re an unpublished author who plans to be published or a currently published author YOU NEED A WEBSITE! Even if it’s a little freebie at Author’s Den. Look at the magazines and print ads and see the lead time you need to put in an ad the month before and the month of your ad (at least).

May word of mouth go out about your work.

Love to all,


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