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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Writing Process -- Archon

First, this is the 3rd week I've been officially "writing" on Monday. I really didn't count last Monday since it was a holiday.

The first Monday I spent hours with my mentor/critique buddy, Cassie Miles, refining and plotting my contemporary paranormal romance series. Last Monday I did family stuff and a little writing.

Today I fiddled around and really didn't get going until afternoon. BUT, I did manage to put my butt in the chair long enough for me to drip drip drip some words from a vein onto the page and finally some inspiration came and some scenes unrolled. I fussed with one chapter, wrote another (16 pages) and finished the first scene of a third. Total word count didn't quite make my goal of 5000 words -- 4659 -- but DID make my goal of 20 pages (about 21), which is why I prefer wordcount, it is almost always larger than 250/pg.

I am now up to some written-out-of-sequence scenes that I'll be able to plug in.

OTOH, I found out that I screwed up my travel plans for Archon -- thinking I was going in on Friday but am actually going in on Thursday. I'll probably park my stuff at the concierge of the hotel I'm staying at (NOT the conference hotel, I was late in that, too) and pound on the laptop to work on Heart Quest.

All in all, I'm feeling exhausted (brain dribbling out of my ears) but satisfied. A lot of ** in my work today -- characters I need to name, mostly.

One of those Bottom Line Questions. Does Writing Make You Feel Better?
Yes. I glow with triumph, and I'll wake up with that glow, too, even though I'll have to make my workday wordcount all over again.

So, writing information today -- wordc0unt, the process of one pantzer, and a reminder of a bottom line question.

And, of course, you all (and my dayjob people, who ask if I was productive) keep me honest. THANK YOU.

Love to all,


Anonymous Danica said...

Great progress!

2:30 PM  

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