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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Celta Thursday, Heart Fortune Cuts, 2ndary Love Story

Celta Thursday: Heart Fortune Cuts (I am including portions of the current book):

Enata's appointment with Saille was in three days. The man had been booked, but had made time. Glyssa hadn'd been able to finess the reason why they were being given preferential treatment from her parents. Enata had squashed the idea that the whole Family would escort her, but asked Glyssa to come and said Jace could accompany her.

The morning of the appointment Enata had fussed with her clothes and make-up, trying on several tunic and trous sets before she dressed in a fairly formal gown of deep green with beautiful embroidery of a light blue that accented her eyes. She'd gotten darker auburn hair and blue eyes, damn her, even though her nose was a little sharp.

They were admitted to T'Willow's ResidenceDen, all three of them. The GreatLord waved Glyssa and Jace to a twoseat in the corner of the room – after he'd given them a long look and a grin – before he led Enata to one of the two chairs before his desk.

Jace squeezed Glyssa's fingers as they sat. He was just as fascinated with observing the consultation as she.

"Thank you for seeing me, GreatLord," Enata said.

T'Willow inclined his torso. "You are quite welcome." His smile appeared sincere enough though his words were cool. With a wave of his hand, the thick arm of the chair he wanted Enata to sit in lowered. He studied her and gestured again. The chair lowered slightly, tilted back a bit. Enata's gaze slid toward it.

The GreatLord smiled with more humor, bowed a little deeper. "I promise you, this will be painless." He held out a hand.

Since Enata jolted but put her fingers in the matchmaker's.

He straightened abruptly, took her other hand, his face wiped clear of expression except for a distance that came to his eyes. Glyssa sensed his Flair radiating around him in a huge aura as he used his natural talent.
Jace leaned forward in the seat just as she had.

Enata looked over her shoulder at them, her eyes wide and a little wild. It was no more than a minute before T'Willow dragged in a breath and released Enata's hands. She linked her fingers and kept them close to her waist.

"Pardon me for a moment," the lord said. He snapped his fingers and the chair returnd to its original position. Then he moved to his own chair, sat and turned toward the scryscreen inset into the paneled wall. "D'Licorice at the PublicLibrary, please." He shot a glance toward Enata. "That's where your parents will be, correct?"

"Yes," Enata said, looking back again at Glyssa and Jace.

"Neither of them had appointments outside the Library, though father may be working at home," Glyssa said.

"D'Licorice here." Glyssa's mother appeared in the screen. "T'Willow? Is everything all right?" Her gaze went past him. "Enata?"

"I. Don't. Know," Enata said, then rushed, "I don't know what's going on."

"I suggest you and your husband join us for the consultation," T'Willow said smoothly. "At once."

Her mother's mouth formed an "o" and her brows rose, then she smiled, fully and Glyssa thought she saw the hint of tears in the woman's eyes. "We'll be right there–" She stopped, swallowed her smile. "Enata? You permit?"

"Yes," Enata said in a small voice.

"We'll be right there." D'Licorice signed off.

"Private screen and channel," T'Willow said. His hands waved in a pattern Glyssa didn't know.

"Glyssa?" Enata said plaintively.

Glyssa sprang to her feet. Jace followed with a gleam of interest in his eyes. **This is fascinating, watching such Flair at work,** he told Glyssa mentally.

**Yes,** she said.

**Like watching Raz Elecampane on stage.**

They walked over to flank Enata. Glyssa pried her sister's cold fingers apart and took her hand.

Enata shivered and offered her other hand to Jace. He stared at it a moment, then enveloped it. "Thank you," she whispered. "Brother."

He flinched. Enata didn't seem to notice, but Glyssa did.

"Here," said a man's voice from the darkened screen. Glyssa frowned.

She should know that voice, shouldn't she? Almost...

"This is Saille T'Willow. I suggest you send your brother to me at T'Willow Residence immediately."

There was a long pause. "This is about what we spoke of at The Green Knight Fencing and Fighting Salon on last week?"


"He'll be right over," the man said. "Can I, or my parents come–"

"No," T'Willow said.


"Give me a septhour, maybe two."

"Maybe," the person on the other end of the dark scry grumbled. "Later." The sounds of what Glyssa finally realized was a busy office faded. Who had a busy office?

"Brother," Enata whispered, and they all knew she wasn't talking about Jace this time.

"Why all the secrecy?" Jace demanded.

"It's best for the parties to be surprised, have no preconceptions that might come with a name." T'Willow said. He smiled at Glyssa's parents. "Such as those who believe the Licorices are archetypical librarians and scholars."

They were archetypical librarians and scholars.

"People don't realize we are passionate about our studies," Glyssa said.
The matchmaker said, "It's a good thing to have in a relationship, passion." He rose and went to a no-time, pulled out a deep blue fizzing drink. "Please drink this potion." He held it out to Enata.


Blogger O Mistress said...

I cried! Oooh, please ... post all the cuts! (beg beg beg)

9:13 PM  
Anonymous Janhavi said...


4:52 AM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Sure, they will all be coming up in the next week or so.

7:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great! More please. Should be in the book too.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This story would be great in an anthology next time you do one.

10:12 AM  
Blogger pat said...

Totally understand about publishers and cuts, but they should have let you keep this in the book. It felt too rushed without it. And, like another has said, this would be a great anthology story.
BTW, am once again re-reading Laev's story and noticed that in that book Glyssa had an older brother, instead of a sister. Did he bite the dust?

12:29 PM  
Blogger Crafter Jane said...

Thanks so much for the Secondary Love Story!

12:29 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

Wincing about the older brother...someone already pointed that out and I screwed up, because, really, if her brother had died, she'd still have been dealing with ISSUES. I may find a way around that eventually (like a Hazel disappearing son, too). The Hazel son, though, I might be able to finesse since he married into another family....

9:21 AM  
Blogger pat said...

Well, Glyssa's brother could have given up his position to pursue other interests. Maybe, he decided working at the main library, pouring over ancient manuscripts, wasn't as fulfilling as actually being out in the field, discovering stuff. Maybe have him do something along the same lines as your one map-maker. I can totally see this family deciding not to acknowledge his existence anymore, if he ditched his responsibilities as heir, to just go off on his own. Look at all the static they gave poor Glyssa for "daring" to propose a different project for her elevation to first level status. I can just imagine what they would say if a dutiful son - and heir - suddenly decided to he wanted to pursue something other than the path they had chosen for him.

10:32 AM  

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