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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Celta Thursday: Heart Fortune: Last Bit of Cut Scene in Chapter 1

Glyssa didn't want to tell all about her encounter with her HeartMate. It didn't reflect well upon her...or her HeartMate. "You know a couple of years ago when I...uh...disappeared during Discovery Day holiday weekend?"

"You weren't cataloguing ancient Earthan artifacts in the basement of the PublicLibrary? I always wondered," Camellia said.

Glyssa needed something to shield her heart, even with her best friends. She picked up a gold accent pillow and squashed it to her. "No, I was having a wild affair with a guy I'd just met."

"You!" Tiana gasped.

Her friends' eyes widened gratifyingly. Glyssa put the pillow down and settled back on the couch, letting her mouth curve in sly smile. She wouldn't close her eyes in satisfaction because scenes of sexual abandon and a gorgeous man would paint her inner lids. "Yes, me."

"Was it incredible?" Camellia asked.

"Details!" Tiana insisted.

"It was incredible. I met him at a social club. He'd just arrived in town from the south and was heading out somewhere else after the holiday. We were attracted, we had a lot of sex." Almost an understatement.

"Then after the weekend you realized he was your HeartMate," Tiana said.

All right, Glyssa needed the pillow again, grabbed it and hugged it. "Yes."

"He didn't?" Camellia's brows were down again.

"I don't believe he did," Glyssa said. "I'm sure he still hasn't figured that out." A trace of acerbic bitterness there for the blockheaded man, and she'd really have to watch that.

"Oh, my Lady and Lord," Camellia said. "And you don't even know his surname, or his Family or anything."

"Not much," Glyssa admitted.

"Hmm," Tiana said.

"Your Family isn't going to want you at the excavation of Lugh's Spear. It can be dangerous," Tiana said.

Glyssa thought that was another understatement about her Family. There'd be problems. She lifted her chin. "I'm going."

And Heart Fortune will be out next Tuesday!


Anonymous Janhavi said...

Hi Robin,
Thanks for this scene! I am very much looking forward to Heart Fortune. I just re-read the whole series in anticipation. Unfortunately I gobbled them up and there are still several days to go! So I have been reading your blog/website/facebook page, and saw that you are revamping your website.
Please, please keep the 'worlds' section! I adore seeing the cut scenes, notes etc on the website and blog. Hopefully the website will include the various cut scenes on your blog :)

Its great to hear about Barton Clover's cut scenes coming soon! I hope we get to hear about Vinni and Avellana too.

Can I request my birthday on your list? It is Feb 15th, and my favorite books are Heart Dance and Heart Search.
Whew, long comment. Thanks! Looking forward to the book, and I will be sure to quickly review it on Amazon to help the ratings.

10:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frist I love all you heart books. My favors are heart fate and heart search. I have just finish reading heart fortune. Thank for the writing about barton clover in the book did want to know that he is happy marry. But I do have a few comments. The frist is about heart fate in which the lady comment that she was the frist the last cursebreaker living. Who was she? Next, in heart change didn't T' Ash wife have twin? Yet in heart search you stated that Jasmine Ash was 15 and in heart secret you states that her twin brother is 14.

9:37 AM  

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