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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celta Thursday: Heart FORTUNE (coming 8/6) cut scene!

Here's the second scene from Heart Fortune that was cut significantly or all together. (I'm working on Heart Light -- current title, and Ghost Layer, the 2nd book in the Ghostlayer series).

Druida City, a week later

"I'm going after my HeartMate," Glyssa Licorice told her friend Camellia D'Hawthorn, and Camellia's husband, GreatLord Laev T'Hawthorn, after dinner at their home.

"Do you know his surname, yet?" Camellia asked, running her fingers through her hair, brown eyes gleaming.

With some haste and a charming smile, Laev stood. "I'll leave you ladies to–"

Glyssa ignored Camellia for the moment and aimed her forefinger at him. "You. Stay. You're part of my plan." It was so fun to order a great noble around, she'd never thought she'd be in a position to do so, but she was sure she'd guaged the man correctly.

"Plan?" His black brows rose. His hands came together but he stopped himself just before he rubbed them together. He took his seat again, a plush leather wing chair. "Let's negotiate."

Glyssa raised her own brows, and wished they were black. Or brown like Camellia's. Even blonde. Just not foxy red. Then Glyssa smiled widely. "Not much negotiation, I'm going to give you something you've wanted."

Laev stretched out his legs. "Is that so?"

"So." Glyssa nodded and turned to his wife, one of her oldest friends, Camellia Darjeeling D'Hawthorn. "How's the legal case proving you're the descendant of the Captain of the starship Lugh's Spear coming?"

Camellia winced and frowned at Glyssa, then send a smoldering glance to her husband. "Did you put her up to this nagging?"

Raising his hands and grinning, Laev shook his head. "I didn't." He winked at Glyssa.

She gave a little cough. "Camellia? How's the legal case–"

"Heard you the first time," Camellia shifted in her own deeply cushioned chair. "The JudgementGrove ruled in my favor."

"Overwhelming evidence showing you were descended from the Captain," Glyssa said, waving her previously pointing finger.

At the same time Laev grumbled, "Two months ago." Then his gaze rested on Glyssa. "You're going to help me convince Camellia that we need someone at the excavation site of Lugh's Spear to keep an eye on the proceedings and ensure Camellia receives her due from the salvage."

Laev T'Hawthorn was the canniest entrepreneur in the business.

"That's right," Glyssa said.

Camellia said, "Paying someone to look after our interests at a remote archaelogical site when we don't even know anything of value will come of it is stu– foolish." Camellia set her chin. Uusally that would be the end of any discussion, but Glyssa knew she'd be able to push her friend this time, and she had Laev on her side.

"More like a gamble," said Laev. His feet, crossed at the ankles, twitched. He liked gambles.

I'll be putting up more of the scene next week, and perhaps the week after. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sneak peak. I miss being able to go on your old web site and get a sample read. I'm having trouble waiting on the next book in the series. :)

3:44 PM  
Blogger FantasyAuthor RobinDOwens said...

I am waiting anxiously to see if I can get my website updated shortly...

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mentioned the 2nd volume of the ghostslayer series. What is book one? I can't find it.

12:53 PM  

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