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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Celta Thursday: Cut Scene from Heart Fortune (continued)

I've had some challenging family problems, so this is late, but it's here! More next week!

Enata's fingers tightened on Glyssa's. "Glyssa?"

"What does the potion do?" asked Glyssa and Jace in unison.

T'Willow stood right before Enata, triumph radiating from him. When he looked at Enata, his eyes, his tone, was gentle. "This will make you emotionally more open and let's your natural inhibitions subside under...we'll say attraction, passion, love."


"The gentleman coming here will also receive a potion."

"All right." Enata took it and swallowed it down and put the empty tube on the desk.

T'Willow switched his gaze to Jace. "You will help me in this?"

Chapter 30

"Jace is to help?" Glyssa asked, peeved.

"He isn't a native Druidan," the matchmaker said.

Glyssa nearly ground her teeth in frustration. "I'd recognize him?"
"We'd recognize him?" Enata said hopefully.

"Probably." T'Willow's smile was impishly charming.

"And I won't." Jace sounded irritated, as if his burning curiosity and patience was being tested, too.

T'Willow shrugged. "Maybe, but that is less possible than these two."

There was a knock on the door and the older female Willow who had admitted them to the Residence said, "D'Licorice and T'Licorice are here, Saille. What is going on?"

The GreatLord hurried to the door and opened it with a slight wince. "Please contact my other appointments today and move each of them two septhours, if possible."

The female T'Willow frowned. "That will have you working late into the night."

"And have the pink potion prepared for the gentleman who will soon arrive," T'Willow ordered.

"I can help with that, if you have one in your no-time." Jace pointed to the cabinet.

"You agree, then."

"Yeah, yeah."

Glyssa's mother hurried in, bringing her father, who looked dubious.

"You have found the perfect match for my Enata!" Rhiza D'Licorice's tone lilted.

"That's right," T'Willow said.

"I'm not sure about this," Glyssa's father said.

"A father's prerogative. However, I think you will be pleased. If you would take one of the twoseats in the corner?" T'Willow indicated the seat on the opposite wall than the one Glyssa and Jace had used, far from the focal point of the desk and the two chairs before it. Pushed the potion at Enata again. "Drink."

"He'll – my, my– not my HeartMate." She bit her lips. "I don't have a HeartMate."

"No," T'Willow agreed. "But you have a man who complements you. Who will be a wonderful lover, partner and your love throughout your life."

"Truly?" Enata whispered. "And so soon?"

"I promise you," T'Willow said. "Like all relationships, even HeartMate ones, this can take work and love and understanding." He looked at Glyssa and she couldn't help but cast her eyes down. No, her courting of her HeartMate wasn't going all that well.

"But I promise you that he is a good man and you can have a wonderful marriage."


"I know his brother. I know him and his vibrations. I didn't know you, but when I took your hands I undersood that you will be an exceptional match."

"Exceptional," said Glyssa's father.

"That's right."

"We want our daughter happy."

"And so she should be, as happy as any other extremely loving couple," T'Willow said.

He cocked his head and everyone fell silent. From the open window, Glyssa could hear a man stomping around, and using strings of curse words that she'd only said in her head.


Blogger pat said...

Sorry RL has been difficult lately, but hope things settle down for you. Loving these excerpts! But then, I love everything you write. Blessings on your day!

10:21 PM  
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